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We at Wetutor are the go-to solution for every student’s academic issues. Our LIVE online tuition helps in a better understanding of the concepts and rules of various subjects, thereby helping students to excel in their exams. We provide online tuition for all subject areas of study for students of grades 1 to 12. Our classes are designed with the entire focus on the conceptual clarity of students through online face-to-face learning.
Some essential features of Wetutor online learning classes are listed below.

  1. A maximum of 10 students in each batch ensures that each student gets appropriate and focused attention from teachers. Moreover, a small batch encourages students to clear doubts in the class itself.
  2. Apart from batch we also offer personalized one-to-one classes, in which the teacher teaches according to the needs of students.
  3. Personalized assessment tests linked with online tuition classes make it possible for you to track your child’s progress in different topics of English, Math, and Science covered in the class.
  4. We offer LIVE classes similar to the regular offline tuition classes, but only much better in terms of access to top-quality teachers from the comfort of your homes.
  5. Engaging quizzes during online classes to inculcate a competitive nature among the students.
  6. Conceptual videos for the child to grasp concept-level understanding later during the revision of topics.

Online Tuition Methodology

Wetutor Online Classes supports students with their School Studies providing tuition in all subject areas. When we talk about students looking forward to learn Science & Mathematics, our approach and mode of teaching is based on “Learning By Doing” . With other subjects like Social Science, English & Hindi the approach is “project based” learning of concepts.

Our method of teaching students is quite different for Class 11th & 12th for both Science or Commerce streams. We focus mainly on the learning of core areas of the chosen stream so that students are not just prepared for upcoming Class 12th Board Exams but also for the various entrance examinations.

With students of class 5th & below, online teaching is very complex process as it requires excellent trained teachers to use all possible mediums to impart knowledge. Use of Charts, Diagram, Images, Audio Visual Content makes the task of connecting young minds with knowledge gathering process easy and productive.

The entire effort of imparting knowledge is to create an environment of quality learning with due consideration to every students need. Classes are offered both personalized and in smaller batches.

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Studying at wetutor has been a great experience. I am studying at wetutor for the last 2 years and it has helped me to grow overall. I get a variety of questions here which help me to increase my confidence.

Abhishek Kumar Student

As far as i know, Wetutor is way beyond expectation with teaching qualities. My Son is studying at wetutor for their 10th board preparation and getting a good score in the school exam. Thanks, team wetutor.

Sonu Singh Father

If you are a NEET or JEE aspirant , this is the right place to start your journey. Best faculty & teaching material. You will love their teaching technique & will easily crack the toughest exams.

Aman Mishra Student

I take classes for PCM here. Teachers are outstanding always ready to help. Regular testing and test discussions make the concept clear and improve the application part. Thank you Wetutor.

Priyank Chaudhary Student

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